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July, 2008

  • 23 July

    Brigitte Bardot Hails EU Push To Ban Imports Of Products From Seal Hunts

    Brigitte Bardot (Wikipedia)

    (From canadianpress.google.com) Paris –  Former French movie star turned animal activist Brigitte Bardot is applauding the EU proposal for an import ban on products derived from seals killed in a cruel way. Bardot told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the “30-year-long battle … is about to be won.”

  • 23 July

    Commission proposes trade ban in products from seals to improve animal welfare

    From SSCS

    The European Commission adopted today a proposal for a regulation banning the trading of seal products within, into, and from the European Union to ensure that products derived from seals killed and skinned in ways that cause pain, distress and suffering are not found on the European market. Trade in …

  • 23 July

    Three Crew Members Of The Trawler Atria: Accused Of Fish Dumping

    Trawler (Wikipedia)

    (From courtnews.co.nz) – Crew members videoed hoki being illegally dumped at sea by a foreign trawler in a “classic over-fishing scenario”, the crown is alleging in a six-week trial that began in the Christchurch District Court today. The crown case against three Polish crew members on the Maltese-registered trawler Atria …

  • 22 July

    Global Warming Forces Innovative Sea Turtle Protection

    From news.nationalgeographic.com

    (From news.nationalgeographic.com) – Scientists here and elsewhere are increasingly finding they have no choice but to intervene as a warming Earth, changing ocean conditions, and coastal development threaten to outpace the sea turtles” ability to adapt. This realization has sparked a growing discussion among conservationists on how to help species …

  • 22 July

    Hunters Set Sights on Bigger Predator Quotas

    Image: YLE

    (From yle.fi)- The Finnish Hunters” Federation is demanding the right to shoot more large predators and seals. In a letter submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on Tuesday, the group argues that the populations of bear, wolf, lynx and grey seal are all growing briskly and remove all …

  • 21 July

    Rash Of Turtle Nest Vandalism Alarms Conservationists

    From palmbeachpost.com

    (From palmbeachpost.com) Boca Raton, Florida – Light pollution, boat racing and aggressive fishing techniques are perennial threats to sea turtles during nesting season, marine conservationists agree. But an increase in vandalism this season has caught them by surprise. 

  • 20 July

    Military Navigation Restrictions In Chubut To Protect Whales

    Right Whales

    (From tiempopyme.com) Argentina – Nilda Garré, Defense Minister of Argentina signed an administrative ruling by which restricts any military activity of the Argentina Navy during the period of seasonal presence of right whales in waters of the Gulfs Nuevo and San José.