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Newborn North Atlantic right whale calf critically injured

A days-old North Atlantic right whale calf has been severely injured after being struck by a boat’s propellers. News of this injury comes from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which found that the calf had two “parallel and s-shaped” wounds along its body, most likely caused by boat …

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Climate change may destroy safe places for polar bears to give birth

Newborn polar bears are able to survive the bone-chilling Arctic winter — where temperatures can fall to negative 30 degrees Celsius or lower — by seeking warmth in their mothers’ dens. However, new research claims that if current trends continue, cubs along Alaska’s northern coast might perish outside instead. Read …

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Horrific suffering in the Cove as dolphins slaughtered


Taiji’s dolphin hunters have certainly been kept busy this month. In this week alone, there have been four successful drives, with two pods of striped dolphins, one pod of Risso’s dolphins and a pod of bottlenose dolphins falling prey to the greed and ignorance. Read more

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