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June, 2009

  • 15 June

    Waste dump threatens Gulf

    More than 12 million cubic metres of sea water, equivalent to 4,800 Olympic swimming pools, are desalinated daily in this region. Gulf News Archive

    Every time desalination plants dump tons of brine carrying chemicals into the Arabian Gulf, sea temperatures rise by 10 degrees Celsius, according to researchers. This is having life-threatening effects on the marine ecosystem in the region. More than 12 million cubic metres of sea water, equivalent to 4,800 Olympic swimming …

  • 15 June

    Assam wetland affected by garbage dumping

    Spot-billed pelican found in beels and lakes in India. Credits: Wikipedia

    Deepor Beel, a natural wetland in Assam, faces threat as it gradually turns into a garbage dumping ground by the locals, causing damage to its flora and fauna. Located in Kamrup district in Assam, Deepor Beel is the lone site under the Ramsar convention, in the state declared so in November …

  • 11 June

    Paul Watson announces aggressive campaign to clear Mediterranean of illegal fisheries

    Captain Paul Watson, founder and leader of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has announced he will launch an aggressive campaign to clear the Mediterranean Sea of illegal fishing operations. Speaking at an event to mark World Ocean Day, at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Paul made his intentions clear. “There …

  • 10 June

    Animal Rights 2009 National Conference to be held at LAX Westin July 16-20, 2009

    The world”s oldest and largest animal rights conference will be held July 16-20, 2009 at The Westin LAX.  Featured sponsors include Farm Animal Reform Movement, In Defense of Animals, and Sea Shepherd. The four-day program will feature almost 100 speakers from 60 different animal rights groups from all over the …

  • 10 June

    Sea debris killing Phuket sea life: marine expert

    Photo courtesy Lia Barrett/Wicked Diving

    A leading marine biologist has warned that the dumping of debris into the waters of Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi is harming marine species in the region. Speaking at an event to mark the United Nation’s first-ever official World Oceans Day on Monday, researcher Kanjana Adulyanukosol of the Phuket Marine …

  • 10 June

    Oceans in Danger

    Credits: Wikipedia

    Oceana denounces the severe deterioration of Europe’s oceans and seas and calls for immediate measures to halt the collapse of fish resources, the destruction of marine habitats and the pollution affecting its waters. On World Environment Day (5 June) and World Oceans Day (8 June), Oceana points out that European …

  • 9 June

    UNEP Head Calls for World-Wide Ban on Pointless Thin Film Plastic Bags

    The remnants of a Laysan Albatross chick which was fed plastic by its parents; the chick was unable to eject the plastic, resulting in death by either starvation or choking. Credits: Wikipedia

    From discarded fishing gear to plastic bags to cigarette butts, a growing tide of marine litter is harming oceans and beaches worldwide, says a new report. The report, the first-ever attempt to take stock of the marine litter situation in the 12 major regional seas around the world, was launched …

  • 8 June

    World Oceans Day: all the fish in the sea

    Credits: Wikipedia

    Eating fish is good for us, but catching it in the way we do devastates the sea. Nearly nine tenths of European stocks are overfished, and around a third are beyond safe biological limits: that is, the adult population is too depleted to provide replacement stock. Almost all cod caught …

  • 5 June

    Illegal trawlers use ‘stealth’ technology to encroach

    Illegal trawling operators have resorted to a new technology to muffle the drones of engines when going to sea at night. They have installed a special gadget to suppress the engine sound until it is not audible even if at just a short distance away from the boats of fishermen.

  • 5 June

    Exploration licences threaten marine life

    Barbara Feid, file photo

    Conservationists are calling on the Federal Government to protect South Australian marine life by putting a stop to offshore petroleum exploration. The Federal Government has this week opened up seven new areas for petroleum exploration in South Australian waters.

  • 2 June

    Consumer ignorance over endangered fish

    Fish stocks are down all over the world with some species such as the bluefin tuna now considered to be as endangered as the white rhino and even the British favourite cod in danger of overfishing. The survey comes as a new film by former Daily Telegraph journalist Charles Clover …

  • 2 June

    Mosquito evolves into threat to Galapagos wildlife


    A mosquito that has lived on the Galapagos Islands for thousands of years is emerging as a potential threat to the archipelago”s wildlife, because of an increase in tourism. Scientists fear the endemic insect could pick up diseases from other mainland mosquitoes brought to the Galapagos as stowaways on tourist …