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August, 2008

  • 19 August

    Stop Medicating Drains

    Medical Waste from Wikipedia

    (From glendalenewspress.com) Glendale- Flushing drugs down the drain can harm the environment because the medications sometimes aren’t filtered out during the sewage-filtration process and can end up in the ocean. According to the No Drugs Down the Drain initiative, several studies have shown that even low levels of exposure to …

  • 17 August

    Like the Little Satans We Are

    radicallyinclined, on Flickr

    (From atlanticfreepress.com)- We mercilessly and thoughtlessly abuse, exploit, and slaughter commodified non-human animals simply to amplify our personal pleasure and fatten our wallets. Despite the slow and choppy moral progress we’ve made in how we treat our fellow human animals, we are still acculturated to view non-human animals as enslaved …

  • 16 August

    Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal Stirs Environmental Objections

    Red Sea from Wikipedia

    (From jstandard.com)- The World Bank is conducting a $14 million study into the feasibility of building a channel to bring water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea. Proponents say the plan could rescue the Dead Sea while supplying desalinated water and hydroelectric power to the region.

  • 16 August

    Extinction Of Another Iranian Pond

    Photo: Houman Moradi

    (From payvand.com)- This time, drought has put Hashilan pond near extinction, in a way that according to officials many of the pond fishes are dead and other species are on their last breaths as well. With an area of 450 hectares, this is one of the beautiful environments in western …

  • 15 August

    We Must Defend the Whaling Ban

    Humpback Whale

    (From guardian.co.uk)- This week the world welcomed news that humpback whales have made a remarkable recovery, following four decades of protection from commercial whaling. But is this really a turning of the tide in the battle to save the world”s magnificent whales from extinction?

  • 15 August

    Climate Change ‘Forcing Birds to Adapt or Die’

    Endangered Shearwater from Wikipedia

    (From pressandjournal.co.uk) – The report, called the State of the UK’s Birds, showed birds were being forced to rapidly adapt their behaviour to survive, altering their nesting and migration patterns and forcing them farther afield to find food.

  • 15 August

    Sawfish Struggle to Survive

    Sawfish from Wikipedia

    (From tcpalm.com)- Despite its lineage, the sawfish was once a more common sight in Florida’s shallow waters. Impacts from humans that include overfishing and habitat loss have depleted sawfish numbers over the past century.

  • 15 August

    B.C. Man Who Barreled Through Pod of Killer Whales Fined $3,500

    Killer whales jumping

    (From canadianpress.google.com) Vancouver – A British Columbia man who mowed over a pod of killer whales at full speed in his boat, either hitting or just missing one of the endangered animals, has been fined $3,500. Xi Change Gao, of Sidney, B.C., was convicted in April after video showed the …

  • 14 August

    Ocean Dead Zones Become a Worldwide Problem

    Underwater video frame of the sea floor with dead or dying crabs, fish and clams killed by oxygen depletion

    (From ap.google.com) Washington – Like a chronic disease spreading through the body, “dead zones” with too little oxygen for life are expanding in the world”s oceans. “We have to realize that hypoxia is not a local problem,” said Robert J. Diaz of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. 

  • 14 August

    Venomous Lionfish Prowls Fragile Caribbean Waters

    AP Photo/Mark Albins/Oregon State University

    (From ap.google.com) San Juan, Puerto Rico – A maroon-striped marauder with venomous spikes is rapidly multiplying in the Caribbean”s warm waters, swallowing native species, stinging divers and generally wreaking havoc on an ecologically delicate region.

  • 14 August

    Native Seal Kills On The Fraser Raise Questions

    Harbour Seal From straight.com

    (From straight.com) – Native fishers like Ken Malloway will be harvesting sockeye, a highly prized salmon species, until the end of August. Harbour seals are also out on the river, competing with the fishers for salmon. According to notes prepared by UBC researchers more than 200,000 seals were killed in …

  • 14 August

    High Fuel Costs to ‘Kill Off’ Japanese Whaling

    Photo: Scott Casey

    (From brisbanetimes.com.au)- They”ve been pursued by environmental activists through the Southern Ocean for years, but in an ironic twist, the rising cost of fuel could just be the undoing of Japanese whalers, the head of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling foundation believes.