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Judith Pascual and Ramon Cardeña - Founders of Ocean Sentry

About Us

Ocean Sentry is a non-profit organisation, registered in Spain, that works as a wide awareness program, dialogue and respect for marine environment and those who inhabit it.

Ocean Sentry was founded by passionate individuals that got tired of seeing how our oceans are being depleted, overexploited, and plundered for tradition, entertainment, or simply because human greed.

Ocean Sentry believes that it is now mankind”s responsibility to defend and preserve all marine ecosystems to repair the damage of hundreds of years of negligence and mis-management. Enforcement of regulations, laws, international conservation treaties and the effective protection of marine reserves and internationally recognised sanctuaries established to protect marine wildlife around the world is our mission.

International and regional laws and agreements are regularly and mercilessly broken by illegal poachers and by those who support them all for selfish economics interests.

By Conserving and Defending the Oceans – We are Saving Ourselves!

Ocean Sentry