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186 illegal hunting reports in four days

(From timesofmalta.com) Malta- Birdlife called upon the government and the police to take “immediate action” after the ornithological organisation recorded 186 incidences of illegal hunting in the first four days of the hunting season. “On Monday, I observed two hunters shooting within the Salina bird sanctuary at 5.30 p.m.  If hunters feel they can blatantly hunt in broad daylight within a bird sanctuary in a residential area, then one cannot claim that there is any serious enforcement to stop illegal hunting.” In one instance, according to Birdlife, an Osprey was photographed flying low over the Buskett area and out towards Girgenti, where it was shot at by least three hunters. The injured Osprey was photographed while flying back over Buskett, with a broken leg and blood on its chest, by a birdwatcher and photographer Chris Cachia Zammit.


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