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Green Turtle

Turtle fights for its life

(From goldcoast.com.au)- A green sea turtle believed to be about 100 years old is being nursed back to health after it was hit by a boat on the NSW north coast. The turtle is in the care of the Ballina-based Australian Seabird Rescue Centre which rescued the 80kg seafarer from Sandon River, near Yamba, last Sunday. A quick examination found the turtle, nicknamed Sheldon, had a huge gash about 35cm long and 10cm wide across his shell which is believed to have been caused by a boat.

“He’s also badly affected by barnacles which only occurs because he has been floating. He’s very ill and in a debilitated state and the injuries have occurred right above his lung so he may have internal injuries. We are doing some further testing.”

It is the height of the green turtle mating season and mature females only breed about every six years. The breed grows to about one metre and can be recognised by its heart-shaped shell.

A further 15 turtles are being treated by ASR, including five critically endangered hawksbill turtles.

(By Steve Spinks)

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