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Endangered Peruvian Tern is threatened by disturbance and coastal development.

Peru’s Spectacular Seabirds Seeking Sanctuary

(From birdlife.org)- Peru’s seabirds, especially the spectacular aggregations at its guano islands, are world famous. However, a new BirdLife report indicates that many of the sites and species are under increased threat and urgently need better protection. Paramount is the need to take action now to preserve the Peruvian guano islands, whose seabird populations have decreased from 15-20 million to just 2 million over the last 30 years. “An urgent priority for the conservation of Peruvian Terns is to protect the largest known breeding site, within the Paracas reserve, from disturbance by tourists and vehicles.” The report also addresses issues arising from: longline fishing and bycatch of seabirds; the concept and practice of identifying marine IBAs; and the management of anchoveta fish stocks to reduce competition between seabirds and the fishing industry.

Credits: Global Seabird Programme

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