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Korean shipping company pleads guilty to illegal dumping on voyage

(From dailyastorian.info)- STX Pan Ocean Co., Ltd., a South Korean shipping company pleaded guilty Friday in U.S. District Court in Tacoma, Wash., to violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships by knowingly failing to maintain an accurate Garbage Record Book. The inaccuracy was a failure to record a dumping incident during which approximately six 55-gallon drums,30 plastic lined rice sacks, and approximately 200 garbage bags containing oil contaminated grain were thrown into the ocean during a voyage from Korea to Longview, Wash., July 24.

According to the facts stated in the plea agreement, the dumping occurred from the Pan Voyager, a South Korean flagged 17,000 ton ocean-going bulk carrier. In July 2008, the ship was in South Korea unloading grain when crew members discovered a hole in one of the vents leading to a fuel oil tank. A substantial amount of grain spilled into the hole and entered the tank, contaminating the fuel oil. Senior officers on the vessel subsequently ordered lower level crew members into the tank to remove the contaminated grain. Crew members used buckets and dust pans to remove the grain/fuel oil waste and dump it into the drums, plastic lined rice sacks, and large plastic garbage bags.


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