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Galapagos sea lions moving to the waters off Peru

For the first time, wildlife experts have observed sea lions native to the Galapagos Islands establishing colonies over 900 miles away in the waters off of Peru. According to researchers, ocean temperatures in Peruvian waters has increased over 11°F in the last ten years–making it the perfect new getaway for the sea lions once unique to the remote Galapagos. Experts are concerned that more animals will begin migrating away from the islands, home to a host of species found nowhere else on earth, as climate change continues to warm waters in other regions. According to the Organization for Research and Conservation of Aquatic Animals, which monitors the animals, the rapid warming of the waters off of Piura, in northern Peru, have reached 73.4°F–matching closely to the temperatures near the Galapagos, preferred by the sea lions, of 77°F… Read Full Article by Stephen Messenger

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