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Fulmar and Puffin may disappear from Saltees

(From goreyguardian.ie)- A new documentary series has claimed that bird species such as the Fulmar and Puffin may disappear from the Saltee Islands if fish stocks continue to decline and the sea continues to get warmer. Accelerated global warming evidenced by record temperatures and rainfall levels is having a profound impact on Wexford’s wildlife with increasing varieties and larger numbers of non-native species on the county’s shores, it has been claimed. Mr. Murphy, wildlife expert and Director of Waxwing Wildlife Productions, explained that the Fulmar, a scavenger, thrived off what it could get from fishing boats from Kilmore and other areas fishing off the coast of Wexford. However, with less fish and, consequently, less fishing, there is now a lot less to be had and, according to Mr. Murphy, the birds are under threat.

It’s now just the Fulmar that’s under threat though, the likes of the Puffin and Tern are also in trouble due to the dwindling amount of sand eels, which they feed on. Mr. Murphy said that the sand eels have disappeared completely from areas in Scotland and they look to be going down the same route in Ireland too, which he attributes to a change in water temperature.


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