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Foodies and fishers sign up to stop shark finning

(From scoop.co.nz)- Some of New Zealand’s best-known foodies and fishers have signed Forest & Bird’s pledge to help stop shark finning. Shark finning – cutting off the high-priced fins of sharks and dumping the rest of the body at sea – is contributing to the decline of shark species worldwide. While the practice is illegal in many countries, it is still permitted in New Zealand waters.

The shark finning pledge:



We pledge our support for a ban on shark finning in New Zealand waters because we are concerned that shark finning is contributing to a decline in shark species worldwide. We pledge that we will:

• Not eat, make or serve shark fin soup
• Avoid restaurants which sell shark fin soup – or raise the issue with them if shark fin soup is on their menu
• Not catch sharks just for their fins
• Support a law change to make shark finning illegal in NZ.

Several countries, including Australia, the EU, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Palau, Spain and Oman have banned the practice of finning – New Zealand hasn’t.

To sign the shark finning pledge, go to www.forestandbird.org.nz

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