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Dam builders sued to save lungfish

(From livenews.com.au)- A coalition of environmental groups says legal action launched today against the builders of a dam in southeast Queensland could affect the proposed Traveston Crossing dam. The lawsuit alleges that a fishway built for the unique lungfish at Paradise dam on the Burnett River, 80km southwest of Bundaberg, does not work, endangering the species which is considered a “living fossil”.

The Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council (WBBCC) has applied for an injunction against Burnett Water Pty Ltd, builders of the Paradise dam, requiring that the fishway be working within six months.

“The fishway designed to protect the lungfish has never worked properly and is not suitable,” said Roger Currie, water policy officer for the WBBCC.

“We’re really urging the Queensland government to reconsider their decision to build the Traveston Crossing dam, and if they don’t reconsider it we’re urging (federal) minister (Peter) Garrett to reject the Traveston Crossing dam at the earliest opportunity.”


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