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Australian Seabird Rescue volunteer from Tuross Heads Peter West with an injured bird caught at Bermagui with hook injuries.

Cruel attack on pelicans

(From narooma.yourguide.com.au)- Four members of the Australian Seabird Rescue (ASR) South Coast treated 10 injured pelicans in Bermagui last week. Eyewitnesses to the cruelty reported children male and female between the ages of eight and 16 attacking pelicans at the boat ramps in Bermagui. The youths were seen throwing rocks and flicking fishing line with hooks sometimes baited at the birds.  Cruelty to animals is a crime, with fines of up to $10,000 enforceable. “I want to appeal to the community to vigorously advocate for animals that are vulnerable, and report anyone who is being cruel to any animals, whether it is a domestic animal or wildlife,” ASR member said. Any persons who find injured sea or shore birds contact the ASR hotline on 0431 282 238.

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