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September, 2008

  • 9 September

    Marley gets his freedom

    Marley - Photo By submittal

    (From state-journal.com)-Marley, an endangered sea turtle about to die, made a miraculous recovery thanks to three John Witts from Frankfort and a rescue team.  The three saw the stranded turtle while walking out on a jetty, a break wall for ships coming into port from the Gulf of Mexico. Waves …

  • 9 September

    Governor concerned about sea turtles

    Green Turtle

    (From caymannetnews.com)- Efforts to preserve the endangered sea turtles in the Cayman Islands have attracted the attention of H.E the Governor Stuart Jack who has volunteered his services to the cause. Citing the need for unity in the effort to protect the globally endangered sea turtle, Governor Jack noted that …

  • 7 September

    At-risk turtles face fate as pets, soup

    CHRIS VIOLA/The Times-Union

    (From jacksonville.com)- Species and many other freshwater turtles native to Georgia risk a future as food in overseas markets or as pawns in the global pet turtle trade, state wildlife biologists and riverkeepers in Southeast Georgia said. Their concern is two-fold. Native freshwater turtle populations will be depleted by continued …

  • 6 September

    Some question effectiveness of turtle protection law

    From baynews9.com

    (From baynews9.com) Brandenton Beach- Many people in Manatee County are questioning the usefulness of a local law meant to protect sea turtles. Since 1998, Bradenton Beach has required residents and resorts to remove furniture after sunset as well as shield all lighting from the beach. However, year after year, residents …

  • 5 September

    Ecologists facing poachers in saving Sumatran turtles

    Leatherback Turtle

    (From antara.co.id)- Dozens of Leatherback sea turtles are hunted and killed each month to be used as ingredients for production of traditional medicines and as raw materials for leather good accessories, Head of Babel`s Agriculture and Forestry Service Andre Wiryono said. As a result of rampant hunting, the population of …

  • 5 September

    Experts say Gustav destroyed hundreds of turtle nests

    Sea turtle nest from tampabays10.com

    (From tampabays10.com)- A total of 279 of the estimated 1,130 area nests were likely destroyed, washed over by saltwater and cutting off needed oxygen to the developing eggs. The good news is that Hurricane Gustav arrived past the peak of turtle nesting season, meaning many of the hatchlings already made …

  • 2 September

    Giant sea turtles invade Mexican beach

    From kare11.com

    (From kare11.com) Santa Maria Tonameca, Mexico- Some 400,000 Olive Ridley turtles have been arriving on a Mexican beach to lay eggs.  Each giant sea turtle lays between 80 and 150 eggs and only 60 to 70 percent of the hatchlings reach the sea and survive. Vigilant turtle watchers have taken …

  • 1 September

    Vietnamese nationals arrested for turtle poaching

    From iar.org.uk

    (Fromiar.org.uk)- A large group of Vietnamese nationals have been arrested for illegally poaching sea turtles in the Philippines” waters.It is believed that authorities found more than 101 sea turtles on the Vietnamese boat when it was searched. In a bid to evade capture, the poachers reportedly tried to sink their …

  • 1 September

    Help stop illegal sea turtle poaching

    Green Sea Turtle

    (From guampdn.com) United States- Sea turtle poaching is an ongoing problem on Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands and the federal government is asking for the public”s help to stop the practice. The green sea turtle is a threatened animal. The Hawksbill turtle is an endangered animal. Both can be …

August, 2008

  • 30 August

    An endangered sea turtle

    Turtle rescued- latimes.com

    (From latimes.com)- A 2-5 year old green sea turtle takes a close look at a nozzle in a holding tank at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. The endangered animal was discovered living miles from the ocean in a canal that carries cooling water to an electrical generating …

  • 28 August

    Endangered turtles get support in Cyprus

    Green Turtle - Wikipedia

    (From in.reuters.com) Lara Bay, Cyprus- Before Cypriots Andreas Demetropoulos and Myroula Hadjichristophorou pioneered turtle conservation in the Mediterranean in 1978, populations of the green turtles had collapsed, hunted to the brink of extinction. Still working the Cypriot beaches thirty years on, they can take credit for boosting the on-land survival …

  • 28 August

    Saving the loggerheads

    Loggerhead turtle - Wikipedia

    (From heraldonline.com)- Workers with the Sea Turtle Protection Project on Hilton Head Island have discovered 199 nests. That is the second-largest nesting season since 1985, the year the project began. But the hatching of thousands of turtles doesn”t guarantee high survival, even with a helping hand from concerned humans. Their …