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July, 2011

  • 6 July

    Settlement reached to protect endangered leatherback sea turtles in West Coast waters

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    A settlement filed today in federal court between conservation groups and the National Marine Fisheries Service requires the government to make a final rule protecting critical habitat for the endangered leatherback sea turtle by Nov. 15, 2011. As proposed, the rule will protect sea turtles in part of the area …

  • 6 July

    Sea turtle smugglers hooked in Bali

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    Maritime police arrested three men on Monday as they allegedly attempted to smuggle 18 live green sea turtles into Bali, where a taste for illegal turtle meat is supporting an underground trade, police said. Police, noticing some “unusual unloading activities” from their patrol boat, approached the men as they reportedly …

June, 2011

  • 30 June

    ‘Shocking case’: plastic kills turtle

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    A green sea turtle has been found dead on a New South Wales beach with more than 300 pieces of plastic in its digestive system. The turtle was found washed up at Ballina, in the state”s north, earlier this month. Australian Seabird Rescue spokeswoman Rochelle Ferris says it is the …

  • 29 June

    Poaching of turtle nests rampant

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    A study undertaken by the students of the Ecology Department at the Pondicherry University revealed that all but one of the nests, where Olive Ridley turtles laid their eggs during the January-March season on the coast between Chinna Kalapet and Thengaithittu, were poached and destroyed. The study was part of …

  • 23 June

    The massacred turtle was about to give birth


    Chronicle of the rescue of the dismembered leatherback sea turtle´s offspring found in Yabucoa The leatherback turtle that was dismembered last friday by unknown people in the El Negro area off the coast of Yabucoa was in the process of “giving birth” and had just come out of the sea …

  • 7 June

    Litter Contributes Deadly Diet for Australia’s Endangered Sea Turtle Population

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    A study has shown that a number of turtles are being killed by the rubbish dumped in the ocean. Balloons, plastic bags, nylon rope and even rubber thongs have been notably seen contributing a deadly diet for Australia’s gravely endangered sea turtle population. The research by Earthwatch program Turtles in …

  • 3 June

    U.S. maintains ban on Costa Rican shrimp buying

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    The United States maintains an embargo on shrimp exports from Costa Rica to the United States by bad fishing practices that cause the killing of turtles. The environmental organization Programa Restauracion de Tortugas Marinas (Pretoma), a Costa Rican non-profit NGO that was founded in 1997, says that the embargo will …

  • 1 June

    Lawsuit Launched to Protect Sea Turtles From Drowning in Shrimp Trawls

    Unusually Large Numbers of Turtles Washing Ashore Dead o Beaches Conservation groups formally notified the National Marine Fisheries Service today of their intent to sue the agency and three Gulf of Mexico states for failing to protect endangered sea turtles from entanglement and drowning in shrimp trawls. Record numbers of …

April, 2011

  • 28 April

    Satellite tracking of sea turtles reveals potential threat posed by manmade chemicals

    The first research to actively analyze adult male sea turtles (Caretta caretta) using satellite tracking to link geography with pollutants has revealed the potential risks posed to this threatened species by manmade chemicals. The research, published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, examines the different levels of chemicals in the blood …

March, 2011

  • 30 March

    150 turtles trapped in single net, die


    In one of the worst disasters, around 150 Olive Ridley turtles got trapped in a single net and found dead on Kothapeta beach under Vajrapukotturu mandal in Srikakulam district on Friday. The village sarpanch, Mr Ambati Raju, said he never saw so many dead turtles in his life and blamed …

  • 24 March

    The plastic found in a single turtle’s stomach


    This collection of hundreds of coloured, jagged shards could be a work of abstract art. But the objects in the photograph to the right are the contents of the stomach of a sea turtle that lost its battle with plastic pollution. Environmentalists examined the stomach of the juvenile turtle found …

  • 18 March

    U.S. Government Fails to Protect Loggerhead Sea Turtles by Legal Deadline

    Jaroslaw Barski

    The U.S. government failed to meet its legal deadline Wednesday for issuing a final rule providing additional protections for loggerhead sea turtles, whose populations have faced severe declines over the past decade. The rule is required as a result of 2007 legal petitions by Oceana, the Center for Biological Diversity …