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Sea Birds

November, 2016

September, 2016

  • 6 September

    African penguin vanishing from coast

    One of South Africa’s best-loved birds – the African penguin – is fast disappearing from our coastlines. This is possibly due to climate change and commercial fishing, according to a presentation yesterday at the International Penguin Congress, in Cape Town…

August, 2016

  • 31 August

    Seabirds fall victim to junk food diet

    640px-Shy Albatross CW2

    A University of Queensland study has found widespread ingestion of debris by Australian marine and coastal birds – including among vulnerable and threatened species. The largest survey of its kind in the southern hemisphere examined 61 species, including 370 inidvidual birds from eastern Australia…

July, 2016

  • 22 July

    Chemical pollution gets to Antarctic marine bird colonies

    640px-091124 falklandsbound 7038 4173352946

    Latitude is the main factor which determines the organic pollutant concentration in Antarctic giant petrels – emblematic species in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions – according to a new article. The research, directed by experts of the Institute of General Organic Chemistry (IQOG-CSIC), analyses the impact by persistent organic pollutants (COP) …

  • 20 July

    Birds on top of the world, with nowhere to go

    640px-Calidris bairdii Deer Creek Ohio 6

    Climate change could make much of the Arctic unsuitable for millions of migratory birds that travel north to breed each year, according to a new international study published today in Global Change Biology. The University of Queensland School of Biological Sciences’ researcher Hannah Wauchope said that suitable breeding conditions for Arctic …

  • 20 July

    Flesh-eating mice threaten to wipe out rare birds on wildlife paradise island


    Plagues of hungry rodents are killing up to 600,000 birds a year on one of the UK’s 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Conservationists warned today that Gough Island in the South Atlantic is in danger of losing its prestigious status – a standing that puts it on par with the Great …

  • 15 July

    Alarming number of sea birds found dead on Victoria beaches


    Biologist Don Kramer was searching a small Dallas Road beach for dead sea birds Thursday, and it only took minutes to find some. A retired professor, Kramer now monitors sea bird fatalities in Victoria for Bird Studies Canada. “So this is the species that people have been saying has been …

  • 13 July

    Alaska’s shorebirds exposed to mercury

    640px-Pluvialis squatarola

    Shorebirds breeding in Alaska are being exposed to mercury at levels that could put their populations at risk, according to new research from The Condor: Ornithological Applications. Thanks to atmospheric circulation and other factors, the mercury that we deposit into the environment tends to accumulate in the Arctic. Mercury exposure can …

  • 7 July

    Iceland road painted to stop Arctic terns being killed

    A tern defending her chicks beside the footpath on Inner Farne - geograph.org.uk - 1379424

    Scientists have painted a long stretch of asphalt on the Snaefellsnes peninsula red, yellow and white to try to discourage the sea birds from wandering onto the carriageway, national broadcaster RUV reports. The area is home to large Arctic tern colonies. Young birds are particularly vulnerable to traffic as they gravitate towards the …

June, 2016

  • 30 June

    Half of Adélie penguins could be wiped out by global warming

    640px-Adelie Penguins on iceberg

    Global warming may cause massive drops in the population of Adélie penguins in Antarctica, new climate data suggests. The tuxedo-clad birds breed on rocky, ice-free ground, and as glaciers receded over millions of years, Adélie penguins have reclaimed once icebound land for breeding. But the climate may have reached a tipping …