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Polar Bears

The private life of the polar bear

Steven J. Kazlowski

A formidable hunter and powerful swimmer, the polar bear is perfectly adapted to the harsh demands of the wild Arctic landscape. And these extraordinary pictures give a more intimate portrait of its life than ever before.Whether diving under water, rolling in the ice alongside a cub or moving in for …

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No common ground at first polar bear summit

Polar bears

They gathered in the spirit of piliriqatigiingniq – Inuktitut for seeking a common goal – but panel members at the federal government”s first polar bear roundtable were hardly speaking with a single voice yesterday. At issue was the health of Canada”s 13 polar bear populations. On one side, researchers told …

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Canada responsible to ensure world’s polar bears survive

Skins of hunted polar bears

(From princegeorgecitizen.com) Winnipeg, Canada – The federal environment minister says the health of the world”s polar bears rests in the hands of Canadians. Jim Prentice says now is a “critical time” for the iconic animals and Canada bears a “heavy responsibility” to ensure they survive. He says the swift disappearance …

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Polar bear hunting quota stays put in Nunavut’s Baffin Bay

Polar bear hunting

(From cbc.ca)- Hunters in Nunavut”s Baffin Bay region will be able to kill up to 105 polar bears this season, after the territory”s environment minister agreed to leave the quota unchanged, despite concerns from officials about overhunting. CBC News has learned that outgoing Environment Minister Olayuk Akesuk accepted a recommendation …

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George Bush kills Polar Bears

(From sixers.nationalreview.com)- Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea may be turning to cannibalism because longer seasons without ice keep them from getting to their natural food, a new study by American and Canadian scientists has found. The study reviewed three examples of polar bears preying on each other from …

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Palin sued to push polar bears off Endangered List

(From nationaljournal.com)- On Aug. 4, just weeks before John McCain tapped her as his running mate, Palin led her state in suing the Interior Department for overprotecting the bears by designating them as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. “She”s like an Alaskan ostrich, burying her head in the tundra …

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9 polar bears observed on risky open ocean swims

From wikipedia

(From ap.google.com) Alaska- Nine polar bears were observed in one day swimming in open ocean off Alaska”s northwest coast, an increase from previous surveys that may indicate warming conditions are forcing bears to make riskier, long-distance swims to stable sea ice or land. Many were swimming north and ranged from …

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Campaign Raises Environmental Awareness

From Wikipedia

(From todayszaman.com) İstanbul– A workshop for children to raise awareness on reducing carbon gas emissions via reforestation was held yesterday at the May 19 Youth Center in the capital as part of a nationwide campaign. The polar bear is used as the mascot for the campaign, which is called “Bears …

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Meltdown in the Arctic is Speeding up

Mother and Cub From Wikipedia

(From guardian.co.uk)- Ice at the North Pole melted at an unprecedented rate last week, with leading scientists warning that the Arctic could be ice-free in summer by 2013. Satellite images show that ice caps started to disintegrate dramatically several days ago as storms over Alaska”s Beaufort Sea began sucking streams …

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Alaska Sues Over Listing Polar Bear as Threatened

Polar Bear

(From ap.google.com) Alaska- The state of Alaska sued Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne on Monday, seeking to reverse his decision to list polar bears as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Gov. Sarah Palin and other state officials fear a listing will cripple offshore oil and gas development in …

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