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April, 2019

March, 2019

  • 29 March

    Galápagos islands have nearly 10 times more alien marine species than once thought

    Over 50 non-native species have found their way to the Galápagos Islands, almost 10 times more than scientists previously thought, reports a new study in Aquatic Invasions published Thursday, March 28. 

  • 22 March

    Ocean sink for human-made carbon dioxide measured

    As reported in the latest issue of Science, the researchers have found that the ocean has taken up from the atmosphere as much as 34 gigatonnes (billions of metric tonnes) of human-made carbon between 1994 and 2007. This figure corresponds to 31 per cent of all anthropogenic CO2emitted during that time.  

  • 14 March

    Horseshoe crabs at risk of extinction in some parts of the U.S.

    These fearsome-looking prehistoric creatures have survived multiple global mass extinction events. The fear, though, is they may not survive us. They’re already endangered in Japan. And recent research shows they appear to be facing extinction in other areas, mostly due to encroachment on their beach habitats, pollution and over harvesting for everything …

  • 14 March

    Winter ice hits record low in Bering Sea

    An area of ice the size of the UK and Ireland disappeared from the Bering Sea in February as scientists warned that the region was entering uncharted territory.  

  • 14 March

    Sharp rise in Arctic temperatures now inevitable – UN

    Sharp and potentially devastating temperature rises of 3C to 5C in the Arctic are now inevitable even if the world succeeds in cutting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris agreement, research has found.

  • 12 March

    Fatal horizon, driven by acidification, closes in on marine organisms in Southern Ocean

    The modeling study, published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, forecasts that at current carbon dioxide emission rates, the depth at which some shelled organisms can survive will shrink from an average of 1,000 meters today to just 83 meters by the year 2100, a drastic reduction in viable …

  • 8 March

    Rain is melting Greenland’s ice, even in winter, raising fears about sea level rise

    Rainy weather is becoming increasingly common over parts of the Greenland ice sheet, triggering sudden melting events that are eating at the ice and priming the surface for more widespread future melting, says a new study. Some parts of the ice sheet are even receiving rain in winter — a …

  • 7 March

    400-acre wetland becomes a dust bowl in 6 months

    A wetland habitat in Uran that drew a variety of birds, offering stunning views, has been completely flattened with dirt and debris, despite the Bombay High Court’s order that such places should be left alone and intact.  

  • 5 March

    Solomon Islands oil spill threatens World Heritage site

    A salvage operation is underway more than three weeks after the MV Solomon Trader ran aground on a reef in the Solomon Islands while loading bauxite on the remote island of Rennell during tropical cyclone Oma.

  • 5 March

    Human ‘footprint’ on Antarctica measured for first time

    The full extent of the human ‘footprint’ on Antarctica has been revealed for the first time by new research which used satellite images to measure stations, huts, runways, waste sites and tourist camps at 158 locations. The study found that more than half of all large ice-free coastal areas of …