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March, 2009

  • 7 March

    When Animals Shed Tears in Suffering

    Credits: Wikipedia

    If you have ever seen a donkey cry, your world will never be the same again. Those deep large tears that roll out from under its long eyelashes carving valleys down its cheeks, the trembling of its lips, the hunching of its shoulders. One can only rail at the cruelty …

  • 5 March

    Threats to marine turtle nests at Bramston Beach and Ella Bay

    Ella Bay Resort development

    During the course of the surveys a number of threats to the successful nesting of marine turtles were observed. These threats were of either human or natural origin and included erosion of nesting areas, predation of eggs and human interference with nesting sites. EROSION OF NESTING AREAS During the latter …

  • 5 March

    Marine turtle nest surveys of Bramston Beach and Ella Bay

    North Map Bramston Beach

    The intention of the surveys was to collect critical data and inform key government and non government agencies. We are aware that the needs of marine turtles in this region are not being recognized due to a lack of data regarding preferred turtle nesting sites.

  • 5 March

    Mangalore: Wetlands are vanishing!


    They are described the funnels on the surface of the earth connecting the underground water sources, they suck water in the rainy season feed the water veins and in the summer time they maintain the water level on the surface. These wonderful and very useful wetlands are now being chocked …

  • 1 March

    Galapagos: Government Reaction

    Tod Emko

    The post below describes the government reaction to the initial live animal smuggling investigation. Government Reaction Trying to get the government to take the live animal smuggling problem seriously isn”t easy. The government knows who is smuggling and who is involved in organized crime, but officials are unwilling to hold …

February, 2009

  • 21 February

    Resident orcas on verge of collapse

    Gabi Campanario / The Seattle Times

    Our orca whales are dying. By treating them like a financial resource — with tourist-filled boats chasing after them — we run the risk of consuming them down to the last one, as we have done with old-growth timber and fish. After years of argument driven as much by money …

  • 16 February

    The State of Galapagos

    Tod Emko

    From September to December 2008, the vegan conservation groups Sea Shepherd, Animal Balance, and S.P.E.C.I.E.E.S. waged a fight to protect the ecosystem and all the animals of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. This blog recounts what happened in that time, serving for those three groups. The blog post below describes …

January, 2009

  • 17 January

    The Cove’s Richard O’Barry on Secret Dolphin Slaughter — and Flipper’s Suicide

    Photo: Courtesy of Diamond Docs

    Sure to be one of the most talked-about documentaries at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Louie Psihoyos’s The Cove is part heist movie, part environmental exposé. The cove in question is a secluded and naturally fortified lagoon in the small Japanese town of Taiji, where every year for six months …

  • 16 January

    The Fall Of The Wild

    Honey bee (Credits: Wikipedia)

    (From tehelka.com)- So what if the tiger goes extinct,” argued the economist, “And, err, what was that you mentioned, the bustard. Who knows it exists? Who will know if it goes?” This with a dry laugh. I wouldn’t even try to calculate, in fiscal terms, the benefits of the presence …

August, 2008

  • 17 August

    Shark Tournaments

    Copyright Jason Heller

    Since 1974 with the film release of Jaws the image of sharks changed forever. The most magnificent predator of the seas became a killer machine that had to be killed! And then begun the drama that today persists as “Shark Tournaments”. Ocean Sentry want to denounce this horrendous slaughter, so …

July, 2008

  • 16 July

    7 Billion Beasts

    Africa”s a mess. Doesn”t hardly matter what horrid scourge you”re looking for, Africa”s got it: genocide, civil war, systematic rape, dictators, corruption … not that Asia is any better. Asia”s got every foul blight Africa has, plus the largest concentration of religious extremism on the planet. Western Asia is blowing …

  • 8 July

    The World of 2108

    By Captain Paul Watson. I was asked recently what I thought the world would be like in 100 years. The question was meant to solicit if I am an optimist or a pessimist. The fact is that I am neither an optimist nor am I a pessimist. I am an ecologist which …