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November, 2009

  • 3 November

    Aquacalypse Now: The end of fish

    Our oceans have been the victims of a giant Ponzi scheme, waged with Bernie Madoff–like callousness by the world’s fisheries. Beginning in the 1950s, as their operations became increasingly industrialized–with onboard refrigeration, acoustic fish-finders, and, later, GPS–they first depleted stocks of cod, hake, flounder, sole, and halibut in the Northern …

October, 2009

  • 31 October

    Ocean Plankton Dying

    Photo by Professor Gordon T. Taylor, Stony Brook University, courtesy WikiPedia

    As the lowest link on the marine food chain, plankton—that tiny aquatic plant, animal and bacterial matter floating throughout the world’s oceans—is a vital building block for life on Earth. Besides serving as a primary food source for many fish and whales, plankton plays a crucial role in mitigating global …

  • 3 October

    Sea of blood as Japan slaughters thousands of dolphins

    The picturesque cove at Taiji which becomes a bloodbath between September and March each year as 2,000 dolphins are slaughtered

    Despite the efforts of the Japanese authorities to keep it hidden, the massacre has been captured on film by a guerrilla documentary team led by the man who trained Flipper. Until now, the yearly slaughter of 2,000 dolphins in a small town in Japan has been one of the country”s …

September, 2009

  • 15 September

    Mankind May Soon Suffocate in Its Own Garbage

    The volume of solid domestic waste discharged in the Earth’s biosphere has reached a geological figure – over 400 million tons a year. Such an enormous amount of waste affects global geochemical cycles. For example, the discharge of organic carbon – 85 million tons a year – doubles its natural …

August, 2009

  • 27 August



    Located at the top position in the marine ecosystems food chain, sharks play a crucial role in the global balance of the oceans. Sharks are the lions and tiger of the oceans and as an apex predator, the sharks act as regulators of the marine ecosystem by controlling the populations …

  • 27 August



    Whales and other cetaceans have been dwelling the oceans since time immemorial. These placid and peaceful beings are among the most intelligent of our planet. Their complex communication systems and their highly developed behaviour remain nowadays the great unfathomable mystery of 21st century for the human being. Unfortunately, the destructive …

June, 2009

  • 24 June

    The End of the Line – Imagine a world without fish

    The End of the Line - Imagine a world without fish

    The world’s first major documentary about the devastating effect of overfishing premiered at Sundance Film Festival Imagine an ocean without fish. Imagine your meals without seafood. Imagine the global consequences. This is the future if we do not stop, think and act. The End of the Line, the first major …

  • 23 June

    The Cove

    The Cove

    The Cove begins in Taiji, Japan, where former dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry has come to set things right after a long search for redemption. In the 1960s, it was O’Barry who captured and trained the 5 dolphins who played the title character in the international television sensation “Flipper.”

May, 2009

  • 10 May

    Lex Natura

    By Captain Paul Watson. I have the utmost respect for the law. Indeed, it is our duty as citizens of the Earth to live harmoniously within a community of complex interspecies interactions in accordance with the primary laws of ecology. Species survival is not dependent upon intelligence but rather upon …

April, 2009

  • 17 April

    Somali Pirates: International Hypocrisy and Pretext for Military Invasion and Economic Imperialism

    Credits: Wikipedia

    In an introduction to a 2008 article titled “China, Afrika, and Oil”, Stephanie Hanson, News editor at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) wrote: As global demand for energy continues to rise, major players like the United States, European Union (EU), and Japan are facing a new competitor in the …

  • 8 April

    We Need to Stop Eating the Oceans

    By Captain Paul Watson. The Oceans are like the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. As long as it was alive it laid a golden egg each day but then the greedy farmer decided to kill it to get all the gold inside and found nothing and the Goose laid no …

March, 2009

  • 11 March

    We Are Breeding Ourselves to Extinction

    Credits: Wikipedia

    All measures to thwart the degradation and destruction of our ecosystem will be useless if we do not cut population growth. By 2050, if we continue to reproduce at the current rate, the planet will have between 8 billion and 10 billion people, according to a recent U.N. forecast. This …