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Black-browed Albatrosses are one of the main species affected by bycatch in Argentinean fisheries - Leo Tamini

Argentinean Albatross and Petrels get boost

(From birdlife.org)- The Argentinean Federal Fisheries Council (CFP) has passed a resolution to adopt the use of mitigation measures that reduce the seabird bycatch in all vessels that operate longlines in Argentinean waters.The established measures aim to reduce the mortality of seabirds in longline fishing and include: the addition of weight to the main line, obligatory night setting, use of bird-scaring lines (tori lines), and the release of any bird captured live during hauling. It is hoped that these measures have a swift effect in reducing the current levels of seabird mortality plus that caused by any future increase in the fleet.

“Considering that the Argentinean sea is one of the most important regions on earth in terms of abundance and diversity of albatross and petrels, the CFP resolution and its effective implementation will be crucial in improving the conservation status of various species under the Agreement.

The Albatross Task Force – ATF in Argentina, locally lead by Aves Argentinas (BirdLife in Argentina) and with the support of local researchers and government bodies, have will begin the evaluation and reduction of seabird mortality on trawl vessels. 

Credits: Global Seabird Programme 

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