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Los pescadores atan un cabo en la cola de estos gentiles gigantes, tal como revela la fotografía tomada por los voluntarios del Dolphin Project, los Cove Monitors.

Pilot whales await slaughter or captivity: the selection process will begin again tomorrow

This early morning, Cove Monitors with The Dophin Project have reported six pilot whales violently slaugthered while trainers under the traps chose three juveniles so far for captivity.

Activists on the ground in Taiji have been monitoring the pilot whales captured in a drive hunt yerterday morning. The helpless dolphins were left overnight amid the confusion and panic.

According to The Dolphin Project volunteers, all hunters left the cove four hours later, leaving the remaining pilot whales trapped in the cove for a second night. Their fate will be determined tomorrow morning – facing captive selection or slaughther.

Fishermen tie a rope to their tail and then pull them underwater – a process that can take 15 minutes for the dolphin to drown.

For six months of each year, from September until March, entire pods of dolphins and small whales are driven into this killing cove. Once netted into the cove, the dolphins face brutal slaughter or a lifetime in captivity. Hunters and trainers works side-by-side to select those with the least visible scars to be sold for captivity. The rest will be slaughtered for meat before the eyes of their family members.

Dolphin Project will be the only group on the ground in Taiji during the entire killing season documenting and live streaming every capture for the world to see.

Please consider joining The Dolphin Project. Learn about becoming a volunteer Dolphin Project Cove Monitor.

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