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Credits: Photo from Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

A family pod of melon-headed whales trapped and slaughtered in the Cove, Taiji

A family pod of melon-headed whales has been terrorized in The Cove, in the southwestern Japanese town of Taiji, according to The Dolphin Project, the only organization that monitors the Taiji hunt. 

Taiji’s Cove Monitors witnessed a bloodbath this morning after 30 melon-headed whales were driven in from the ocean and some of the members slaughtered. According to the Cove Monitors, 18 were slaughtered in a very brutal process. 12 were separated from those to be slaughtered but tried desperately to get back to their family.

The lifeless bodies were then dragged past the remaining dolphins. Those who were not slaughtered were battered and some were bleeding. Carelessly run over by skiff engines, thrashing on rocks in panic. Throughout the ordeal, from start to finish, these dolphins were right by each other’s sides. The surviving dolphins were forced back out to sea, missing a large part of their family. 

Melon-headed whales, a species new to the quota list, were driven into the Cove for the second time this season.

The Taiji hunt is the world’s largest dolphin hunts, both in terms of the raw number of dolphins killed and the number of species targeted.

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