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August, 2008

  • 13 August

    Conservationists Don’t Want Reef Shark Fishery


    (From abc.net.au)- Environmentalists say a shark fishery on the Great Barrier Reef would be a disaster for the species. Paul Watson from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says state and federal authorities must rule out the idea once and for all. “There”s a proposal in Queensland to kill sharks to …

  • 11 August

    Jaws at Risk

    Shark fins Washington Post Photo

    (From 2.journalnow.com)- Several factors help explain why the shark population has declined in the Mediterranean, Ferretti said. Fishing vessels are focusing on them to meet the Asian demand for shark-fin soup, he said, while simultaneously trying to compensate for the fact that they have depleted other fisheries. Another team of …

  • 6 August

    Fishing Takes Toll on Shark Populations

    Photo: Rob Stewart/Scripps Institution of Oceanography

    (From kpbs.org)- A new study says sharks are necessary for healthy oceans, but commercial fishing is taking a toll on their populations. Each year, tens of millions of sharks are caught only for their fins. Sharks have been swimming in the world”s oceans before dinosaurs roamed the Earth. But whether they”re …

  • 6 August

    Costa Rica Proposes New Shark Finning Law

    Costa Rica Proposes New Shark Finning Law

    (From costaricapages.com)- Finning in Costa Rica may finally become illegal. Unfortunately, the proposed Shark Finning Prohibition Law states that the whole shark must be killed and used instead of cutting off the fins and throwing the animal back in the water where it is left to agonize and die anyway. …

  • 3 August

    Sharks Defy Magnetic Attraction

    (From abc.net.au)- World-first research in Cairns has found magnets are very effective in repelling sharks. Six shark species were tested and all were found to avoid areas where magnets were present. James Cook University honours student, Damian Rigg, is working on the project and he says they”ll now trial using …

  • 1 August

    Few Turn up at Shark Restrictions Meeting

    Oceanic whitetip shark with a small school of pilot fish (Wikipedia)

    (From stories.thefacts.com) – Federal officials are working on possible catch restrictions for the blacknose shark, which turns up regularly in Gulf Coast shrimping nets. A 2007 assessment showed blacknose sharks, which are found in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Coast waters, have been overfished, Wilson said. Many of the blacknose …

  • 1 August

    Man Accused of Selling Sharks

    Leopard Shark From Wikipedia

    (From glendalenewspress.com) La Crescenta,CA- A federal grand jury on Thursday indicted a 57-year-old La Crescenta man for allegedly selling hundreds of juvenile leopard sharks on the black market, officials said. Eduardo Fernandez Carvajal was indicted on 18 counts of wildlife trafficking and one count of conspiracy for collecting and helping …

  • 1 August

    Shark Fillets Confiscated After Freezer Fails

    From wikipedia.org

    (From euroweeklynews.com) Spain- Tonnes of frozen fish have been removed by the Guardia Civil’s environmental wing, SEPRONA, after the freezer on a transporter lorry failed. More than 24 tonnes of filleted Iridescent Shark from Vietnam were taken away last Monday from a storage unit on the El Viso industrial estate …

July, 2008

  • 31 July

    Blue Sharks Escape Being Hunted by Tasting Bad

    Blue Shark From Wikipedia

    (From timesofindia.indiatimes.com) Washington – A new study on western North Atlantic blue sharks has found out that since their taste is not liked by consumers in the US and Canada, the marine animal escapes being hunted and in turn the threat of extinction. According to a report in Discovery News, …

  • 30 July

    Olympians Join Fight to Save Sharks from Overfishing

    Bull Shark

    (From wbir.com)- Shark fin soup is a delicacy in Asia. It”s a popular wedding dish that costs $100 a bowl. Each day, trawlers head to the ocean using long lines and big hooks. They hunt down the muscular creatures and then slice off their fins, while the sharks are still …

  • 30 July

    New Regulations Imposed On Shark Fishing

    From Star-News file

    (From starnewsonline.com)- Contrary to their media-driven reputation as savage beasts out to get unsuspecting swimmers, sharks are an integral piece of the ocean puzzle, experts say. And the government has recognized that. The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries released a proclamation last week increasing regulations for shark fishing. For example, …

  • 29 July

    Shark Found in Lake Guntersville Was Atlantic Sharpnose

    Atlantic Sharpnose

    (From blog.al.com)- A state fisheries official said this morning that a dead shark found in Lake Guntersville (Alabama) last week was actually an Atlantic sharpnose shark and are more confident that it had been thrown into the lake. Atlantic sharpnose sharks, which reach a maximum of four feet, aren”t known …