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July, 2017

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May, 2017

  • 31 May

    Researchers prove cormorants can hear under water

    640px-Microcarbo melanoleucos Austins Ferry 3

    For the first time, researchers have shown that marine birds can hear underwater. This offers new possibilities for the protection of marine birds in trafficked waters. Seals, whales and other marine animals can hear underwater. The cormorant also has this ability, which new research from University of Southern Denmark (SDU) …

  • 31 May

    More frequent extreme ocean warming could further endanger albatross

    640px-Thalassarche melanophris resting

    As Earth warms due to human-caused climate change, extreme climatic events like heat waves, droughts, and spikes in ocean temperatures have increased and are projected to become even more common by the end of this century…

  • 16 May

    New Zealand’s mainland yellow-eyed penguins face extinction unless urgent action taken

    640px-Yellow-eyed Penguin Catlins New Zealand

    Iconic Yellow-eyed penguins could disappear from New Zealand’s Otago Peninsula by 2060, latest research warns. Researchers call for coordinated conservation action. In a newly published study in the international journal PeerJ, scientists have modelled factors driving mainland Yellow-eyed penguin population decline and are calling for action to reduce regional threats…