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Marine Mammals

February, 2019

  • 14 February

    Taiji dolphin hunt: activists to launch unprecedented legal challenge

    Animal rights activists have launched an unprecedented legal challenge to the slaughter of dolphins in Japan, claiming that fishermen are routinely violating animal welfare laws and exceeding government-set quotas.  

  • 13 February

    Right whale calf #6 spotted!

    Volunteers with the Marineland Right Whale Project’s shore-based survey verified a new mother-calf pair off North Peninsula State Park in Volusia County. The mother, Catalog #3370, gave birth to her first calf 10 years ago, during the winter of 2008-2009 — this is her second calf.

  • 12 February

    Two porpoise carcasses found on separate Hong Kong shores

    Cause of deaths remains unclear, while inconclusive population data makes it hard for experts to analyse statistics.  Most cases record blunt force trauma to marine mammal, indicating collisions with vessels, but lack of other related injuries lends little weight to theory. 

  • 8 February

    5th North Atlantic right whale sighted

    North Atlantic Right Whale and calf. Credits: Wikipedia

    On February 5th 2019, volunteers with Sebastian Inlet State Park sighted a mother-calf pair just off the beach. Photographs taken by Park Ranger, Ed Perry, confirm the mother is Catalog #4180.

January, 2019

October, 2018

  • 2 October

    Māui’s dolphin found dead on a beach at Te Akau

    A suspected Māui’s dolphin has been found dead at near Te Akau on the west coast, 20 kilometres north of Raglan. A recent estimate of the Māui dolphin population indicated that there are 57-75 individuals over one year of age.