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Photo: Dolphin Project

36 Striped dolphins swimming off the coast of Taiji slaughtered

In many parts of the world on such a beautiful day, wild dolphins would be thriving in calm waters. However, for those dolphins who may migrate past the coast of Taiji, Japan, a day like this can be lethal. Today 36 Striped Dolphins swimming off the coast of Taiji were slaughtered.

Blood began to seep out from underneath the tarps, turning the water a murky brown. The loud, panicked thrashing continued, until silence eventually settled over the cove. Soon after, three skiffs emerged filled with bodies.

The hunters’ job was done with 36 dolphins killed in the cove today. Once wild and free, now on their way to the butcher’s house to be reduced to slabs of meat.

Adding to the quota of 450 an estimated total of 242 Striped dolphins have been slaughtered this season so far.

These slaughters are fueled by the captive dolphin trade

Together, we MUST be a voice for the voiceless!


Source: Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project

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