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20 melon headed whales slaughtered, 2 taken for captivity: Taiji, Japan

The banger boats found a large pod of melon-headed whales before 7 am this morning. The pod fought for their lives and a portion of them did escape during the drive.

The remaining members of the pod continued to fight and struggle against the boats and hunters.

After an hour and a half, the pod’s fate was sealed when a net was drawn across the cove.

The family swam close together and could be seen rubbing up against one another as they tried to find comfort in this stressful place.

The dolphin trainers from the local Taiji captive facilities were quick to arrive on a boat with hunters as they began deciding which members of this dolphin family would be taken for a life of slavery and which would die.

The trainers quickly choose two individuals from this pod of melon-headed whales and they were put in slings and driven away from their family.

Cove Monitors then watched as what we believe were two babies were covered in tarps, tied down, and driven out to sea where they were dumped alone. These babies were struggling under the tarps as hunters tried to hold them down, giving no concern to their bodies being out of the water and away from their family.

Their mothers remained under the tarps in the cove where they were slaughtered along with the rest of the pod. The trashing of the dolphins in their last moments was loud until a silence finally fell upon the cove.

In the end, 20 melon-headed whales were slaughtered and 2 were taken for captivity.

The babies that were dumped at sea alone are not a part of the dolphin hunters quota and we can only hope they found the members of their pod that escaped this morning.

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